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Industrial Boilers.  Soluciones Integrales de combustion manufactures industrial boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, superheated water boilers, under the SIC brand, both for use with fossil fuel burners and for their operation with biomass.

Steam Boilers:

Two and three gas steps industrial boilers to suit your needs.

  • Two steps: From 250 kg / h to 5,500 kg / h, with pressures up to 16 bar.
  • Three steps: From 1 t / h to 30 t / h, with pressures ranging from 4 to 16 bar.


  • Optimal ratio between the volume of steam and water that allows to absorb large peaks of steam demand.

  • High surface heating with drier steam.

  • Low NOx and perfect combustion thanks to the low thermal load of the combustion chamber. (≤1.3 MW / m3)

  • Wet-back design provides excellent heat transfer.

  • Better combustion due to low pressure in the home.

  • It is possible to work with rotary cup or pressure-injected burners.

  • Boiler performance up to 91% and up to 95% with economizer.

  • Easy installation and maintenance by means of a walkable platform located at the top of the boiler.

  • Tubes welded to the plate.

  • CE certificate complying with Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EEC.

  • Design according to TS 377 EN 12953

Hot Water Boilers

Industrial Boilers of two and three steps of gases, with the following typology:

  • Low temperature boilers.
  • High energy efficiency condensing boilers.

The powers range from 80 Kw to 5000 KW and a maximum pressure of 8 bar.

Biomass Boilers

Industrial biomass boilers. Depending on your needs, we design the home and the grill to burn any type of fuel.

We have boilers of biomass for the production of steam and hot water.

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