Burners for all types of fuels

Burners Supply. Burners supplier: we are official distributors of E & M Combustion burners. This burner, of Spanish manufacture,  displays a series of advantages with respect to the rest, mainly imported, among which we emphasizes the closeness. This proximity allows us to reduce times and costs in transport, to be able to follow the manufacture of your burner directly (visiting the factory in the Basque Country), a quick delivery of spare parts and, above all, flexibility to adjust to your needs, without the rigidity of manufacture and technical assistance from other manufacturers.

We have a Technical Assistance Service, formed by a group of our own technicians and collaborators, who give service in any point of the Spanish geography.

Wide range

E & M Combustión manufactures and sells industrial burners with the main objective of providing specific solutions to the combustion processes in the industry. The wide range of industrial burners that it offers allows to provide a technical answer as a solution to most of the needs that arise in a company. Specially relevant in the energy, oil & gas, steel and metallurgical sectors.

Customizable design

In addition to the use of traditional fuels, Burners supplier: E & M Combustion makes its own designs of industrial burners and combustion systems to adapt to the increasingly frequent use of energy from poor gas, recycled oils and other alternative fuels as hydrogen burners. Their designs also contemplate the possibility that the same burner can use several types of fuels.

High energy efficiency

E & M Combustion develops combustion equipment with truly innovative and avant-garde designs, creating a very attractive product for the end customer. Its technological developments have the purpose of offering a first-line knowledge in the field of energy efficiency and reduction of pollutant emissions, contributing to the sustainable development of our environment.

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