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Customer needs are the basis on which we develop our industrial combustion engineering projects.


We offer innovative and sustainable solutions, from elements for combustion processes to turnkey installations.

Thermal power plants

From our Engineering Department we can provide new, economical and more sustainable solutions to renovate your thermal power plant.


The products and services that we offer to our clients are those necessary to automate and control their equipment from a SCADA.

Industrial combustion engineering

Engineering services

Our industrial combustion engineering services comprehensively cover the needs of any type of process: supply, installation, maintenance and repairs. In addition, they add added value in fields such as energy saving, sustainability, reliability and the reduction of unnecessary stops in facilities. We have a wide range of specialized services.

New projects and complete installations

We handle new projects for boiler rooms up to 50 MW, combustion and gas emission systems.
We take care of everything you need:

  • Sizing and installation of gas, water, steam pipes, etc.
  • Electrical installation and interconnection of all elements of the room
  • Automation and control and the supply and installation of adequate water treatment for your installation to extend the life of your equipment and optimize energy savings

Automation, control and instrumentation

Our Engineering and Technical Service departments are constantly in training and in contact with the leading manufacturers to offer the level of control and supervision that the client requires.

The current trend is to move towards 100% digital systems, increasingly demanding and intuitive communication protocols, and systems designed to be able to predict the behavior of the installation.

Start-up services

Our technicians are in a continuous training process, which allows them to be “up to date” in new technologies and to be able to carry out any type of start-up, no matter how complex it may be.

We move to any part of the world. We are currently carrying out start-ups in Mexico, Morocco, South Africa, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, among others.

Facilities revamping

Industrial combustion engineering- revamping

Our Industrial Combustion Engineering Department provides new, economical and more sustainable solutions to renew your thermal power plant or the combustion system of other equipment such as trommels or furnaces. For this we design, rethink and implement the new elements that our clients need to get the most out of their installation.

Legalization services

We have our own collegiate engineers to carry out the projects and regulatory reports, as well as the procedures and mandatory inspections for legalization before the corresponding authorities (this service only in Spain).

We are perfectly prepared for
the immediate future and
offer competitive solutions in price and technology

Proven experience

Soluciones Integrales de Combustion has extensive experience in the field of industrial combustion engineering. We have carried out numerous works that guarantee our know-how and excellent reputation in the sector.

  • Change of supervision period to 24 and 72 hours. The supervision periods in indirect supervision boilers, that is, those that require a boiler operator to confirm a physical visit to the boiler (every 2, 24, or 72 hours) are a fundamental aspect in boiler room safety. In recent years we have carried out numerous adaptation projects to change this period to both 24 hours and 72 hours. These changes, in addition to reducing the risk of human errors, also allow to operate with greater safety, protecting lives and industrial assets while reducing the operating and maintenance costs of boiler rooms
  • Projects to increase security and reliability. In addition to the extension of indirect supervision from 2 to 24 or 72 hours of boilers and boiler rooms, we have excellent references in:
  • Control update

    Boiler and boiler rooms for compliance with the pressure equipment directive (PED)

  • Adjustment and reengineering of systems

    Biomass combustion

Industrial combustion engineering - experience
  • Projects to improve combustion or fuel change. The following types of projects have been common tasks for our company:
  • Fuel change

    Such as the switch to natural gas or biogas from existing diesel or fuel oil combustion systems in a facility

  • Switch to poly-fuel system

    Easy recipe change (use of three fuel gases in variable proportions)

  • Incorporation of hydrogen

    In natural gas combustion systems

  • Systems updating

    Biomass combustion

  • Heat recovery from combustion gas

    With our SICAPH equipment combined with our gas recirculation system (FGR)

  • Thermal efficiency and emission reduction projects. The new regulations on polluting emissions, and not only in the European Union, require modifications of which we already have a good number of references:
  • Modification

    Combustion systems and their control

  • Implementation

    Combustion gas recirculation systems (FGR)

  • High efficiency boilers

    With high energy savings

  • Change

    From atmospheric condensate system to pressurized system

  • Installation

    Additional systems for heat recovery from combustion gas

Industrial combustion engineering - proyects

Work in progress

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