Saving and quality

Calidad y ahorro energetico

Guarantee of quality, profitability for our customers

Both in the area of engineering or services as in the supply of products or realization of facilities our goal is always to provide the highest quality and also that our customers see their profitability strengthened, in many cases, thanks to the energy savings generated by our actions.

Certificado de calidad ISO-9001
Certificado mediambiente ISO-14001


We have the ISO 9001 quality certificate and the ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

Soluciones Integrales de Combustión (Integral Combustion Solutions) is a company that demonstrates every day its ability to consistently provide products or services that meet the most demanding requirements of any customer and applicable regulations.

Energy saving

We carry out an energy saving study that will allow you to reduce your electricity / gas bill from the outset.

  • We design and install economizers for your boilers increasing up to 5% performance.
  • We complement with an oxygen probe and frequency inverter in the burner for optimum combustion and savings of 3-5%.
  • We design and install “turnkey” air combustion air preheaters to improve the performance of your facility
  • In addition, this allows your pollutant emissions to be lower and therefore your production is ecologically acceptable.

We have agreements with important companies in the energy sector that allow us to improve the price of your electric and gas bill with full guarantee.

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