High-tech burners

Soluciones Integrales de Combustión (Integral Combustion Solutions) is the Technical Assistance Service, SAT, and the official E&M COMBUSTIÓN burners installer, whose factory is located in Artea (Vizcaya-Spain), and who has a very strong international presence with delegations in China and India, two of the main countries to which it exports.

Low Temperature Burners

Last generation Industrial burners for all types of liquid and gaseous fuels. For traditional fuels such as gas oil, natural gas and G.L.P., fuel oil and mixed burners gas-diesel and gas-fuel oil. Also for the burning of biogases, recycled oils and other alternative fuels.

EM Burners

Monoblock burners for liquid and gaseous fuels from 12 to 6,395 kW

JBM Burners

Monoblock burners for liquid and gaseous fuels from 12 to 6,395 kW

JBM-HP Burners

Monoblock burners from 1,000 to 25,000 KW

JBD Burners

Duoblock burners from 1,000 to 85,000 KW

Special monoblock and
duoblock burners

E&M Combustion is a specialist in the design of specific industrial burners that require their installation in areas with anti-explosive classification, both for ATEX and NEC regulations.

JVA Burners

Air draught burners used in multiple applications within the industrial sector when there is direct heating..

For all industrial sector

E&M Combustion distributes high temperature burners. These high temperature burners have numerous applications in the industry.

JBP: High Energetic Efficiency

Last generation biomass Burners for solid fuels of different types, with a high energy efficiency and low level of ashes.

Custom Made Manufacturing

E&M Combustion is characterized by the manufacture of custom combustion equipment in collaboration with the customer for different applications in the industry.

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